Attractive Dining Room Design to Welcome Chinese New Year Celebration

Celebration for Chinese New Year should become such a memorable moment either for your family or the invited guest. Feng shui plays important core to affect Chinese decoration in your house including the dining room design. Bright light, shiny metal, white and florist pattern are parts of cheerful decoration to gain the fortune of your year.

The red and metal tones for your wall grow the inviting design of your dining room. Attach the wall with wall-Chinese decoration. Hanging wall-vase will also possibly beautify the oriental look for your dining room.  Diamond wall decoration with Chinese calligraphy inside becomes a fortune touch for your house.

Your dining table must be oval or round table to help the concept of Feng Shui works at your home. Appeal the sense of red and white shades for your dinner ware. By choosing small florist pattern, the gorgeous look will enhance the design of the dining room.  Fruits which are well-arranged in colours are attractively decorating the way your Chinese cuisine looks. Small flowers inside a white porcelain vase and small candle inside a small clear glass warmly fill the concept of lunar New Year celebration. The warm effect of the candle will closely add more intimacy in the dining table. According to Feng Shui, blue shades of the fire of the candles symbolize the energy and balance in your life. The yellow candles represent the dynamic changes and the red ones imply passion and power.

Set the wooden chairs to adjoin with your dining room design. With these wooden chairs, it will symbolize the strength and hard work in your family. That will be greatly combined by the red tone rug with metal pattern.

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