Attractive Chinese Design by Oriental Home Furniture

Get oriental design by attaining oriental furniture inside your home. Red, bamboo, lantern are the ornaments must be attained during Chinese New Year event. Modify your house to have a real Chinese look by attaining oriental ornaments inside. Those ornaments must be blended with your joy for having simple Chinese party.

Oriental home furniture must be touched from the front side of the house. Simple Chinese ornaments at the front part of your house must be attractively decorated as the face of your house decoration. As a welcome ornament, you can hang two red lanterns on each side of your door since red lantern becomes the oriental focal point of front decoration. The red colour of the lantern can highlight the look of your house at the first sight. It is believed that hanging two red lanterns will drive off a bad luck. This will also symbolize the warmness inside your house. Simple Home furniture for Chinese New Year is Chinese Red banners. Hang some small red banners on the top of the door to have more touches of Chinese look. Dragon ornament under the red banners can also create a strong protection effect for your house and family.

The oriental interior design must be mixed and matched by red and gold shade of your home furniture. Assign red tone for your curtain by either gold dragon or floral pattern on it. This lively implements the main concept of the Chinese New Year. Fix white porcelain vase with red floral pattern on the wooden small desk nearby the window. Landscape painting on your wall with some wall zodiac wall hanging on each side will closely create more Chinese touch. Change your table cloth with the bamboo one. Add some porcelain ornaments on your living room table.

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